Who Is Emari?

Inspiration and Stimulus

height: 5’3
studies/internships abroad: Spain/Mexico/Canada
weight: 115
hair: brown/blonde
eyes: hazel
body: Athletic/Perky/Toned
academia: Associates of Science and continuing school/education
intimacy: sensual/kinky/genuine gfe
dining: peruvian/modern french/authentic japanese
origin: german/italian/native american
zodiac: capricorn
business interest: small business incubation/e-commerce
sonic: acoustic pop/soul/country
social interest: international companionship/hiking/skiing
social media:

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From numerous nursing internships overseas to last minute island getaways, I am your well traveled and spontaneous canvas to create on. If new experiences are the exercise of life, I graciously offer you a new workout sure to enrich your life and indulge your carnal desires at the deepest levels.