Is there a screening process?

Yes a light but efficient screening process is required before we meet. Up to date references and pre-screening memberships are accepted; Date-check, RS2K, P411, & Girl-Directory.

Do you welcome reviews?

 With the fact I have only worked part-time and very off the radar for an elite international agency, being an newly independent provider I do welcome tasteful and honest recommendations of our encounters together.

Do you have rules of engagement or certain etiquette request?

Yes I do, I believe reaching my pinnacle in providing a atypical unparalleled gfe greatly relies on having a partner that is respectful, aware, reciprocating, and overall an authentic gentlemen.

What can one expect attire, attitude, and experience wise from you Ms. Tesar?

In public or private I am lady of the same energy emitted from Charlotte Bronte, Marie Antoinette, and Veronica Franco. With that in mind, I shamelessly & passionately embrace my animalistic erotic nature with a willing & open attitude for my clients.

Wow. Well moving on, what are the details of those pesky but necessary logistics you would like to talk about?

Those things..if we must. Mainly I want us to feel safe, comfortable, and to leave our engagement overtly satisfied and anticipating our next engagement. For me that means myself and my gentlemen must build a rapport about those logistics. I am a very exclusive provider which allows me to tailor experiences on a individual basis.

Exciting! So wrapping up how does one get into the good graces of you Ms. Tesar? 

Well I enjoy the company  of  the unpretentious, gracious, successful, with wealth not only

of the pocket but of the mind & spirit . Everything else in between that is just our own individual uniqueness.

Finally, how does one contact the experience that is you, Emari Tesar?

You know, you are making me blush sir! Please contact me at 

























Emari is an well traveled and adventurous young woman currently residing in the mid-west region of America. She is a flourishing student academically and in the art of courtisanerie. Embracing her unique (albiet strong) sensuality and passion for courting success & power; If new experiences are the exercise of life, Emari graciously offers you a new workout sure to enrich your life externally and internally.